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Saturday, 26 November 2016

"Like the wind" my ASS

I bet it was Jaina who came up with the idea. She ragequit the Kirin Tor and was determined that everyone else would come to hate them too.

"How about this puzzle game that you need to do over and over and over again before you learn the timing? And that has a whole bunch of different layouts so that next time you encounter it you have completely forgot how to do it?"

And Kirin Tor be like "oh that sounds brilliant! They hack and slash all day anyway, they surely will appreciate a little mind games, don't you think?"

"Oh yes, not to mention that good old platform feels, you know, the one that made you eat your control pad as a child."

Seriously, I haven't been this frustrated with any part in any game since that graveyard wall-clinging in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. You know when you dry-cry and slam the mouse so hard against the table you're positive it's gonna cause a tsunami in the nearby lake and your lungs are about to burst because you suck in air between your clenched teeth each time you take a leap and hold your breath inbetween.

If I wanted a platform game I'd buy one, amirite.

Not to mention it sometimes BUG OUT in the south of Azsuna and send me back to Suramar where I were earlier and leave me midair, and when I fall down I DIE and have to find my corpse on those cliffs i cant even #"%&#¤!!

Today, Kirin Tor popped up as Emissary Quest. I managed one so far. Three to go.


If I never write here again, you will find me with exploded chest in front of my computer, mouse half way through the desk.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Pilgrim's Bounty yumyum

It's Pilgrim's Bounty and all this turkey roast and cranberry chutney and sweet potatoes makes me drool all over my keyboard and I really need to make a subsitute for it irl because GOD it sounds so tasty!

In other news, I rolled a lock. Like a true noob*. Warlocks can't wear plate. They can't use shields. They cast spells and controls pets. They don't even have a friggin' combat stance anymore wtf i cant even #"%&¤%. All in all, they are everything I never looked for in this game.

So why a lock, one might wonder? Well. Three things. Skulls. And scythes. And dark color scheme.


Not gonna lie, I am a goth/rock/emo/metal at heart, despite my horrible orientation skills in genre as well as style. Still. Skulls and scythes and black makes it worth the whole squishiness, casting time and pet directing.

I even used my Legion-boost on this toon. Now levelling mining and herbalism alongside Pilgrim's Bounty cooking, for materials and xp. Later I might make him a scribe, or jewelcrafter, or enchanter. Something that can benefit my main (the protadin) and that I don't have to use my death knight jewelcrafter/enchanter for. Because let's face it, I'd rather lol around on this toon for crafting than on my dk.

Which, to be honest, mainly has to do with that the dk is female, and even if I think it's awesome with the female badass npc's in this game (very pleased with the increased numbers in Legion expansion), I am more reluctant than ever to actually play one after coming out to the world and to myself as transgender. Eager to get rid of the incorrect body type I guess.

That said, I'm a bit bummed that the Highland Turkeys aren't lootable. I'm sure I could make a fantastic Slow-Roasted Turkey with those instead of Wild Turkeys.

Friday, 11 November 2016

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Friday, 26 August 2016

Ghost iron and mogus

A new video is up! It's mostly talk talk talk about Pandaria crafting, comments about my gender, and the Legion transmog system.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Horde at heart... but...

...sometimes I level characters on Alliance. It's true. And... I even like it. This time, it's a draenei shaman. No plate, but still melee. Dress code: Red.

My first toon was a night elf druid, a very rare choice because literally noone made a night elf druid as their first toon amirite. Anyway, I played and roleplayed him for about a year, mostly with real life friends, but playtime with them got scarce due to reasons. So when another rl-friend told me he was to start play on Horde side on another server, I followed.

And found roleplayers. So many roleplayers. And I made this blood elf paladin, a true emo despite the bulk and brutality and the blond hair, and I felt at home.

But you know. Sure, there's no place like home and all that but the other side is sooo tempting at times. The music in the night elf starting zone gives me a glimpse of that first feeling in World of Warcraft, when I took my first step in this completely new world that I had never seen the like of until then. It was around Christmas, so that music and the night elf forests are forever connected to Christmas in my mind.

Nowadays I play Alliance mostly to see the world of Azeroth from the other side, explore areas that I haven't seen on my Horde characters and to create characters of other races and classes.

I realize I also do it for the privacy. I'm in no guilds on any of my allytoons, and I usually level on my own. Sometimes I've thought of either joining or maybe even starting a guild for asocial players who wants the benefits of being in a guild but don't want to interact with other people.

However, since levelling is so damn superfast these days that even I, with my lack of patience, can do it once in a while, And since I'm not levelling for the sake of levelling, or for raid goal or whatever, but for the adventure, I actually don't mind that it takes more time.

I got enough heirlooms to make the quests fairly easy, but a guild would have me outlevel the zones way too fast, and I want to actually complete zones now rather than rush through them to level as quick as possible.

Which is what is so great with World of Warcraft, that there is so much to do even if you "done it before" a whole bunch of time. I get bored easily. So easily. And I can also get very dedicated to something that catches my eyes.

Now, I'm going to save the world from fel corruption with my shaman. Well. At least for now. Meanwhile, I'll hunt neat red gear for him. Until I get bored and go do something else. Or start feeling lonely in my guildless, no party situation.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

World of Warcraft: Legion - Beta test

Sooo I got me a shiny beta för the coming expansion of World of Warcraft - Legion. I must say, I have never anticipated a new expansion this much before.

Not that I had many opportunities before. The Burning Crusade was out before I even levelcapped on my first toon, and when I rerolled a blood elf (and Alliance was brutally kicked out of my heart and nowadays only invited in very rare occasions) I had to rush through TBC because Wrath of the Lich King begun before that level cap too.

It was in Northrend I did my first proper random dungeoning. It was as usual, fun if you did them with friends, horrible when pugging them. However, I actually tanked random hc's eventually. Northrend offered a lot of great roleplaying too.

Then came Cataclysm, and the map of Azeroth was redrawn, for better and worse. I liked Cataclysm, but it also felt as if the new zones were kind of isolated. And I still don't know how to handle the Harrison Jones-questline in Uldum emotionally. Should I love it because, well, Indiana Jones? Or should I loathe it because completely immersion-ruining? Well, I'll be generous and love it, I suppose.

When Pandaria was revealed, the first thing that crossed my mind was Kung Fu Panda and that image is forever carved onto my retina. As of lately, I have re-thinked my aversion to it, mainly because of my re-awakened gardening nerdism irl. When I, for some reason or another, couldn't gnoming around in the garden, at least I could go haydaywire in Sunsong Farm, and in addition do the cooking dailies and fishing dailies and become a self-supporting master chef.

I am no fan of alternative timelines in fictional universes (can't say anything about the real universe because I, yet, haven't encountered it there), mainly because I go into cerebral meltdown when all the paradoxes pile up. As you can guess, I wasn't overly excited when Warlords of Draenor was announced. But, you know, it's fun to meet all the lore characters that I half the time have no clue who they are but at least have the common decensy to be impressed by, and to see how Outlands looked before the planet was torn apart.

Now, we get to fight demons! Play as demon hunters! Blood elves sporting horns! What is there not to love?? Well the disappointments will probably be - wait for it - legion, but as will the pleasant surprises.

Also, can't WAIT for the new transmog system that will clear my bags from all those "well it's pretty and I want to keep it but I'll never use it for rp but maybe I'll use it for pve transmog but I don't think it's that pretty but if I sell it I'll regret it" etc. etc.. They'll be full again in no time of course, but still.

"Use judgement"...? õ C'mon, I've been playing a paladin since TBC ffs 

Friday, 8 July 2016

Better be bloglovin' me, nerds

Heh. Facebook picked up my last post's content and suggested to me a group with the name "Pornfuckgroup" (only in Swedish). Why thank you FB, very generous, I'm good though.

What I was gonna say was this, however: Follow me on Bloglovin' right now, if you're into such behaviour.
Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Oh, speaking of porn. We recently had an rp event where our characters infiltrated Highmaul as gladiators. I may or may not have struck half my guild with in-character-awe. Enjoy.

"Anyel overstepped with that outfit, but your response was...-"
"As it fucking should be!"

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Porn, computer games and patriarchy

A debate article in Swedish tabloid today accused patriarchy for encouriging destructive men's culture and driving men into isolation. The sentence "Men flee into computer games and porn and live isolated, without close relations" [my translation] caused emotions to stir in some video game journalists ( and

The journalists draws the conclusion that the article authors equals porn and computer games, and that they think that men will feel better if they stopped playing computer games. Now. Personally I do believe that patriarchy offers a destructive men's culture. However, whereas the article says that men need help to start talk about feelings, stop watching porn and seek help, they don't say that men should stop playing computer games. Like, they literally don't say it.

Though, it is of course implied between the lines, that computer games is an isolating hobby and that only tormented men who can't talk about feelings or treat women with dignity plays computer games. As the video game journalist points out, women play as much video games as men.

But... the part about fleeing is true. Escaping the real world's problem by playing video games is a thing. We are legion, we who can witness how games helped us focus on other things than the pain and frustration we felt in the "real" world. There's even scientific reports saying that playing video games help children to forget about their physical pains, helps PTSD sufferers to feel calmer without medication, and so on.

I never really watched porn, so I can't compare that with computer games, but I have been binge watching SupernaturalThe Walking Dead, Spartacus (which, I must admit, does have a thing or two in common with porn) and other tv-series and I really don't see the difference behaviour wise. It's all about dealing with that lump of angst in your chest until you get proper help.

However. No hobby, or escape occupation if you like, be it gaming or watching porn, is healthy if you put everything else that makes you feel good aside. I mean, If I hadn't seeked professional help during the times I felt the worst mentally, playing World of Warcraft wouldn't have helped me feel better in the long run, only for the moment.

And while we're on the negative aspects of mentioned business, I dare say that porn and video game culture has one other little thing in common: That twisted idea of women and their purpose in said media. So, putting "porn" in the same sentence as "computer games" isn't as far fetched as some would think. Both are surrounded by a culture that treats women different than men, and usually in negative terms.

However. I strongly agree with the video game journalist that gaming doesn't equal isolation and destructive behaviour, or automatically causes it. Far from. The social life I have would be much more limited if I didn't have World of Warcraft. It's another kind of social relation than eye-to-eye of course, since we communicate mainly through text and use avatars and character names, but it's still social behavior with real people. And it suits me good since eye-to-eye contact drains me energy-wise, no matter how much I like the person I hang out with.

So, all in all - no, the debate article shouldn't use computer games and porn as sloppy and trollbaiting as they did, but also no, the debate article authors doesn't say that men would feel better if they stopped playing computer games.

Game on (and remember, it's okay to cry)!

The Walking Dead: No Man's Land - but women's!

I've been playing TWD: No Man's Land for a while now and still like it. One reason is the humungous amount of mindblastingly awesome women. Mostly because there's nothing special about them. They are as good as any other character, and they make up about half the randomized characters I get.
Sorry Daryl, my heart beats for you but in this game you're not number one.
In a world that is so white-cis-male-hetero-oriented as the world of video games, this is really refreshing. Of course, there are a whole bunch of kick-ass female characters in other videogames too, but usually they're there for a special purpose. The mass in the background tends to consist of men.

One of my first bruiser characters, the equivalent of tanks in this game, was a woman called Catherine. She had black dreads, pilot shades and body armor. Not gonna lie, I was dumbstruck with awe when she entered my team. She served me well until the quests started requiring a minimum of level 6 characters, and she was fully trained at level 5. I had to retire her. Catherine, you always have a place in my heart.
Tough luck, lock, Catherine's tougher.
Of course, out of the characters I recruit, there's a majority of white people. Or... I think most of them are. Sometimes it's hard to determine the color of their skin. Maybe it's me interpreting them as white because that's the perspective I have? Anyway, my point is that even if this game is good gender-wise, it could probably improve color-wise. Then again, what game couldn't...?

By now, I must admit that when I recruit new characters, I usually go by their looks. Do I find them attractive? No? Reject. Do they look cool? Handsome? Okay, let's check what type they are. Rare? Accept. Uncommon? Well, if they look awesome and kickass enough, they're in. Shallow, I know. But hey, it's only a video game. Right? Right.
Lip piercing? Knitted cap? Glasses? You're hired, Virginia!
This means that I currently have no male character at all. I had one that looked allright, but he reached his level cap and I retired him. Sometimes I think that maybe I should stop selecting from appearance like this. Diversity in video games and all that. But, on the other hand, it's a way of selecting without having to go into calculating extremes, where I need to make an effort in my planning.
You're cute, Phil, but cute alone  kills no walkers.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

From pc to tablet

So. I've added tablets to my gamer title. I've always had this prejudice that games for mobile devices are too shallow for me. I mean, I'm used to Mass Effect-epicness, and WoW roleplaying. Surely I couldn't do with small mobile games, no matter the high ratings...?

Well. This spring, my gardening heart awoke and I started to plant seeds and plan for my garden, but my gaming heart lacked patience. So while my real life crops grew, I had to do something equal game-wise. Of course I had the Sunsong Farm in Pandaria, but it wasn't quite enough.

Hesitantly, I picked up my tablet. Searched Google Play for "garden games". Found stuff like Hay Day but I don't like extracting bacon from pigs, and Stardew Valley but I don't like old school pixel design, and then...! Hello Kitty's Garden. And even if I'm not that into Hello Kitty I still find her sympathetic. So I downloaded the game.

And was satisfyed. It had everything. Plant crops. Cultivate them. Farm them. Cash in. Do quests. Instant rewards, nice graphics, no brain work to speak of. That is, until I went hardcore Kitty and calculated maximum profit for each crop and started to plan ahead to get enough money to buy new gardens... And still it was fun!

Maybe I should consider myself lucky that it wasn't possible to buy star points, which you could exhange for in game money, for real money. The option was there but nothing happened when I pressed "buy stars". Only way to get stars, and in the long run, Hello Kitty herself as a follower, was to fill in forms, download and play other games, and so on. And I'm not doing that. Buy stuff for money to enhance my gaming experience - sure. Watch optional videos to get rewards - yeah why not. Hand out my e-mail and phone number and get spammed - nope.

Now, progress is slow. Very slow. I'm on 2519 out of a maximum 1600 xp (yes) and counting. I don't level up any longer. My garden isn't nutrient enough to grow all the available plants, and the next area I can buy is so expensive it'll take me months to gather that money.

Then I found The Walking Dead: No Man's Land. I'm happy again.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Khorium hunt

I made another video. This was as spontaneous as the first I did; I was home alone and had some spare time, so I decided to give it a go.

It's interesting to hear myself talk and see myself use my face when I talk. Naturally, that is something you don't get too much of in your everyday life, right. To be honest, I'm pretty happy with what I see and hear. Of course I'm unused to speaking English, and there's a lot more to improve, but still.

I also see this as some kind of documentation of my pre-testosterone voice. That will truly be interesting, what changes will come.

Maybe I should actually plan my next video. Write a rough script. Decide a theme.

Or maybe I'll just keep drivel away.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Orc- I mean English, please!

I'm not sure how this happened but it seems I decided to start blogging in English. It could be that I was at a bloggers conference yesterday and got inspired, in combination with the fact that I got followers in other social media that don't have a clue how to Swedish.

That said, check out my Youtube, Tumblr, Google+ or Facebook, whichever is your poison, to follow my adventures in Azeroth (mainly; there might be other worlds later on).


Mehazael's first WoW video.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Gästkrönikör på

Idag är jag gästkrönikör på Läs om varför jag fortfarande inte spelat klart Witcher 3 för att jag "inte har tid".

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Jaha? Vad ska jag göra nu?

Ibland känner jag mig som Kråkan i Mamma Mu bygger koja. Han går all in på kojbygge, mäter och spikar och sågar och har sig, och när han byggt värsta kråkslottet (pun intended) så går han in i nån sorts post-kreativ apati och bara "Vad gör man sen? När kojan är klar? Vad ska man göra då?" Lite samma är det med World of Warcraft.

När jag har grindat rep och kört dungeons och gamla raids om och om och om igen, och slutligen har alla delar till den där transmoggen jag dreglat över så länge, då... Jaha. Det var det. Fint set. Jag har haft det en gång nu. Vad ska jag göra med det sen? Bara ha?

Det är förstås det som är halva idén med World of Warcraft. Samla samla. Lägga ner tid på spelandet, vilket genererar kosing för Blizzard. Det finns alltid mer blänkande rustningar att jaga. Samtidigt blir jag vid varje slutfört åtagande påmind om att leva i nuet. Är det det resultatet som är den verkliga upplevelsen, eller är det resan dit?

När jag lollar runt efter fiskar och shoveltusk-kött och morötter och grejer, då får jag ju trots allt uppleva en massa av Azeroth som jag kanske inte upptäckt hittills. Snubbla över questkedjor som jag inte gjort i min iver att nå maxlevel, låta mig inspireras av arkitektur och trädgårdskonst, upptäcka npc-er med roliga namn, och så vidare.

"Bishop Farting? Farting? HAHAHA!!" "Suck..."
Så, när jag kommer ihåg det försöker jag att ändå njuta av resan. Att levla herbalism i Northrend ger mig ju chansen att insupa atmosfären i Icecrown igen, känna doften av solvarm tall i Grizzly Hills, överväldigas av mäktigheten i Storm Peaks frusna raviner.

Men mellan varje resa infinner sig ändå den där kråksången. Vad gör man sen? När setet är klart? Vad ska man göra då?

...kanske skaffa ett nytt transmog-set?

Monday, 14 March 2016

Nytt mål: Blackguard

En guildkamrat nämnde några olika svärd hen skulle vilja ha till transmogrification, däribland Blackguard. Påpassligt nog kan min main tillverka just det svärdet, fast materialen är lite knepiga att få fram. Det krävs både traditionell farming bland malmådrar och mobs, plus lite grejande med alchemy och smelting för att få ihop allting.

"Jag kan köpa materialen", sa min vän, men jag hade redan tänt på idén att smida ett Blackguard-svärd från grunden med egenhändigt införskaffade material. Det blev några vändor i Blackrock Depths med min miner/alchemist, ett althoppande utan dess like för att hitta alla mats som jag sparat ifall att, plus lite mer althoppande för att samla ihop grejerna för att lära sig att tillverka ett par olika komponenter, innan jag hade allt jag behövde.
Run, Aeyin! Run!
Det gick inte att landa här, men det gick att hoppa av mounten i luften.

Det roliga med att farma, något som i sig kan vara dötrist och tråkigt och inte det minsta underbart, det är allt kul man snubblar över efter vägen. Gamla instanser, vanillaquest, små överraskningar här och där.
Här skulle man kunna ha en Pride-parad ju.


Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftains spelade på The Grim Guzzler en afton.
Äntligen redo för själva smidandet! Återigen en tripp in i Blackrock Depths, vars hopplösa karta jag numer bemästrar till åtminstone 85%, för att forma stålet vid själva The Black Anvil.
Har man slagit yxan i städet får man slita som fan.
"Sluta gnäll, Incencius, jag beundrar mitt verk här."
Det blev riktigt snyggt, om jag får säga det själv. Det kommer att klä min väns blood elf mage alldeles perfekt.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Master of the Ways!

Det är svårt att inte ha nåt att göra i World of Warcraft. Däremot är allting inte alltid så himla kul. Just nu är garrison-sysslor dötråkiga. Istället är jag så långt nere i pandaträdgårdsmyllan man kan komma.
Det har lite med mitt återuppväckta odlarintresse i köttvärlden att göra, och så är det här med fiske och matlagning nåt som Crogash tycker mycket om. Lustigt det där, hur ens påhittade karaktärer liksom får liv, utan att man hade tänkt ut nåt från början.
Så jag har fiskat och jagat och odlat och lagat massa mat och smilat in mig som fördärvad hos bönderna i Heartlands, odlingslandskapet i Valley of the Four Winds, för att få klart questet A Second Hand. Det är inte klart än, men snart... snart... På kuppen har jag gått och blivit polare med Nat Pagle och skaffat mig min vattengående mount.
Och nu äntligen har jag lyckats norpa titeln Master of the Ways. Nån i gillet tyckte i och för sig att det är en lite tam titel för en ärrad krigshjälte, men för Crogash är det något av det finaste han har
För övrigt har den här resan Crogash gör hittills varit mycket upptäckarglädje. Ibland när jag grindar och farmar och har mig så använder jag Wowhead väldigt flitigt för att det ska gå fort. Nu har jag istället upptäckt vartefter att pandabönderna går att muta med olika maträtter som jag kan laga av det jag samlar på mig, att de gillar olika gåvor olika mycket, och så vidare. Det har varit rätt mysigt. Nu börjar jag bli såpass erfaren att jag jobbar mer systematiskt, till exempel genom att leta jordhögar med gömda gåvor i, men ännu finns charmen där.
Jag har börjat med ny medicin som dels dämpar ångest/oro/depression och dels gör mig trött på kvällen och gör att jag har ro att också faktiskt gå och lägga mig, somna utan att tänka för mycket och sen sova i princip hela natten. I och med att jag sover bättre så har jag mer energi på dagarna, och antingen det nu beror på sömn eller medicin eller både och, så kan jag ta itu med saker på ett helt annat sätt. Ofta växer sysslor i bröstet på mig, det är som att jag när jag tänker på att diska så översköljs jag av känslan av all kommande disk i resten av mitt liv, ihoplagt, och så orkar jag inte ens börja. Den känslan upplever jag nästan inte alls nu. Eller har inte gjort sen jag började med medicinen.
Samtidigt har jag ju kunnat pyssla och dona och greja hur mycket som helst i World of Warcraft förut, medan jag knappt orkat laga mat. Vare sig det nu handlat om att samla gear eller fixa cooking achievements så har jag kunnat fokusera på sånt i timmar. Och jag har kommit till slutsatsen att WoW-sysslorna ändå ger mig ungefär samma känsla av belåtenhet som sysslor i verkliga livet ger mig. När jag sår och skördar i WoW känns det bra inuti. När jag sår och skördar i verkliga livet känns det bra inuti.
Nästan som riktig bubbelplast.
Skillnaden är att i det förra fallet ger det inget påtagligt resultat i köttvärlden. Dessutom är det förstås milsvid skillnad i fysisk ansträngning, och även mental. I spelet använder jag ungefär, ja vadå, fem knappar som jag styr med mina tio fingrar? De förändras aldrig. I köttvärlden använder jag mina händer på långt mer komplicerade sätt, något som väl ändå måste stimulera hjärnan på många fler sätt än spelandet. Och samtidigt är det just därför spel har varit, och fortfarande är, så viktigt för mig. När jag bara inte orkar i köttvärlden så kan jag ändå få ett visst mått av belåtenhetskänsla genom att göra det där istället.
Nu blir nästa mål att göra klart questet A Second Hand, samt att göra alla sorters cooking- och fishing dailies i huvudstäderna. Mot oändligheten, och vidare!

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Horde-aste kocken EU?

Snart. Snart har jag bemästrat allt det pandariska köket har att bjuda på. Många timmars fiskande, grönsaksodlande, djurslaktande har det blivit. Och av nån anledning har det varit lite meditativt. Det liksom smakar gott av den här fiktiva mathanteringen. Dessutom är Crogash en fena på både fiske och matlagning även in character, och jag är ju sån att jag helst måste ha gjort saker och ting in game för att använda mig av det i rollspel.

Fan. Nu blev jag sugen på att fiska. Ses i Krasarang Wilds!
Herren på trädgårdstäppan

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Kataklysmisk frustration

Trots att jag dingat 85 för längesen med min Alliance-paladin så är jag kvar i Vashj'ir. Eller, skulle ha varit det, om det inte vore för det där jäkla questet Defending the Rift. Eftersom jag inte hittade de nagas jag skulle döda på det blå området på kartan drog jag tillbaka till questgivern, men fick ingen hjälp där heller.

Wowhead luskade jag reda på att jag skulle snacka med questgivern ifråga. Det gick inte, fanns ingen pratbubbla att klicka på i talrutan. Läste kommentarerna, och hoppet sjönk. Det här questet var tydligen buggigt från början, och tycks inte någonsin ha blivit lagat ordentligt.

Jag kan alltså inte ens starta questet. Så jag kan inte göra klart alla Vashj'ir-quest. Så jag måste åka till nåt annat ställe och questa. Grrraaaah!!
Det här var i och för sig kul. Strax utanför hemgrottan gick det plötsligt inte att mounta upp på sjöhästen, för tydligen befann jag mig inte under vatten. Hah.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

tumblr omg

Alltså... jag skaffade tumblr för att följa en WoW-vän som också tecknar riktigt bra, och sen... ja, jag vet inte riktigt vad som hände men jag började posta egna grejer. Såatteh, här är den.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Bara WoW, bara WoW, bara massor utav WoW

Det blir mycket WoW, kan jag säga. Jag började levla en alliance-paladin före jul och tänkte skaffa mig en garrison så jag kunde pynta till Winter's Veil, men så långt hann jag inte på den sidan nyår. Inte för att jag inte haft tid, utan för att jag inte orkar trula på med en enda karaktär så länge i taget.

Nu är jag i alla fall i Vashj'ir med allypalan och lever loppan. Jag är alltså ingen levlare egentligen, men med heirlooms går det i alla fall fort, även om man inte spelar så ofta. Det tråkiga är att man hinner levla ur zonerna innan man är klar med dem. Men, då tar jag de där platåerna med långsammare levling medan jag kramar ur det som går ur de zoner jag känner extra mycket för just för tillfället.

Grizzly Hills, till exempel, är en zon jag gillar. Särskilt på grund av alla fina hästar. Jag gillar hästar. Jag önskar att man kunde rida på de vilda mustangerna, kanske tämja en. Men man får nöja sig med ett eller annat quest.
Hoppla, Svarten!
Annars är det väl garrison business när andan faller på, dvs inte särskilt ofta. Med fem... WTF HAR JAG FEM LEVELHUNDRINGAR?? omg fem level 100-karaktärer så är det en del örter att plocka och malm att hacka loss, och det är tråååkigt. ibland får man döda knäppsöta wakkalings i örtagården.
Sen är det ju raids på måndagar, och jag är en av två tanks. Jag brukar roa mig med att ha olika transmogs varje gång. Eller, det blir inte nytt exakt varje gång för ibland hittar jag sets som jag gillar extra mycket (eller hittar inte sets som är coolare). Som den här gladiatorinspirerade kilt-varianten.
Granen och jag tindrar ikapp. Jag är dock sexigast.
Och har man inget bättre för sig kan man alltid köpa några Unecessary Spikes och sätta upp kring bygget av sin level 2 Gladiator's Sanctum.
Det finns inga onödiga spikes, bara onödiga kommentarer.
Ja och så hände en kul grej när jag hade bytt hårddisk och var tvungen att ladda ner WoW igen från början, då fick jag Vanilla-loading screens. Det var fint. Så jag avslutar med en sån nostalgibild.
Det var kanske bättre förr, men det var inte i HD.