I named this blogg to ...and my shield! They never say that in Lord of the Rings, when the fellowship meet in Rivendell. "You have my sword! - And my bow! - And my axe!". Noone mentions the shield. The most important thing of all. The tank.

No matter what game I play, I prefer the meatshield type. In World of Warcraft my main character is a protection paladin, in Star Wars: The Old Republic it's a sith juggernaut, and during my time in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn I played gladiator, aiming for paladin. Slightly ineffective when levelling, but comfortable.

Roleplaying is the main reason why I play videogames and mmorpg's. My haven, my source of fictional experiences, my creative catalyst.

This blog is about gaming, roleplaying, tanking. I've been blogging in Swedish until now, in case you can't comprehend a word out of previous blogposts. I can't guarantee 100% English in the future, but I'll give it a try.


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