Saturday, 9 July 2016

World of Warcraft: Legion - Beta test

Sooo I got me a shiny beta för the coming expansion of World of Warcraft - Legion. I must say, I have never anticipated a new expansion this much before.

Not that I had many opportunities before. The Burning Crusade was out before I even levelcapped on my first toon, and when I rerolled a blood elf (and Alliance was brutally kicked out of my heart and nowadays only invited in very rare occasions) I had to rush through TBC because Wrath of the Lich King begun before that level cap too.

It was in Northrend I did my first proper random dungeoning. It was as usual, fun if you did them with friends, horrible when pugging them. However, I actually tanked random hc's eventually. Northrend offered a lot of great roleplaying too.

Then came Cataclysm, and the map of Azeroth was redrawn, for better and worse. I liked Cataclysm, but it also felt as if the new zones were kind of isolated. And I still don't know how to handle the Harrison Jones-questline in Uldum emotionally. Should I love it because, well, Indiana Jones? Or should I loathe it because completely immersion-ruining? Well, I'll be generous and love it, I suppose.

When Pandaria was revealed, the first thing that crossed my mind was Kung Fu Panda and that image is forever carved onto my retina. As of lately, I have re-thinked my aversion to it, mainly because of my re-awakened gardening nerdism irl. When I, for some reason or another, couldn't gnoming around in the garden, at least I could go haydaywire in Sunsong Farm, and in addition do the cooking dailies and fishing dailies and become a self-supporting master chef.

I am no fan of alternative timelines in fictional universes (can't say anything about the real universe because I, yet, haven't encountered it there), mainly because I go into cerebral meltdown when all the paradoxes pile up. As you can guess, I wasn't overly excited when Warlords of Draenor was announced. But, you know, it's fun to meet all the lore characters that I half the time have no clue who they are but at least have the common decensy to be impressed by, and to see how Outlands looked before the planet was torn apart.

Now, we get to fight demons! Play as demon hunters! Blood elves sporting horns! What is there not to love?? Well the disappointments will probably be - wait for it - legion, but as will the pleasant surprises.

Also, can't WAIT for the new transmog system that will clear my bags from all those "well it's pretty and I want to keep it but I'll never use it for rp but maybe I'll use it for pve transmog but I don't think it's that pretty but if I sell it I'll regret it" etc. etc.. They'll be full again in no time of course, but still.

"Use judgement"...? õ C'mon, I've been playing a paladin since TBC ffs 

Friday, 8 July 2016

Better be bloglovin' me, nerds

Heh. Facebook picked up my last post's content and suggested to me a group with the name "Pornfuckgroup" (only in Swedish). Why thank you FB, very generous, I'm good though.

What I was gonna say was this, however: Follow me on Bloglovin' right now, if you're into such behaviour.
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Oh, speaking of porn. We recently had an rp event where our characters infiltrated Highmaul as gladiators. I may or may not have struck half my guild with in-character-awe. Enjoy.

"Anyel overstepped with that outfit, but your response was...-"
"As it fucking should be!"