Thursday, 9 June 2016

From pc to tablet

So. I've added tablets to my gamer title. I've always had this prejudice that games for mobile devices are too shallow for me. I mean, I'm used to Mass Effect-epicness, and WoW roleplaying. Surely I couldn't do with small mobile games, no matter the high ratings...?

Well. This spring, my gardening heart awoke and I started to plant seeds and plan for my garden, but my gaming heart lacked patience. So while my real life crops grew, I had to do something equal game-wise. Of course I had the Sunsong Farm in Pandaria, but it wasn't quite enough.

Hesitantly, I picked up my tablet. Searched Google Play for "garden games". Found stuff like Hay Day but I don't like extracting bacon from pigs, and Stardew Valley but I don't like old school pixel design, and then...! Hello Kitty's Garden. And even if I'm not that into Hello Kitty I still find her sympathetic. So I downloaded the game.

And was satisfyed. It had everything. Plant crops. Cultivate them. Farm them. Cash in. Do quests. Instant rewards, nice graphics, no brain work to speak of. That is, until I went hardcore Kitty and calculated maximum profit for each crop and started to plan ahead to get enough money to buy new gardens... And still it was fun!

Maybe I should consider myself lucky that it wasn't possible to buy star points, which you could exhange for in game money, for real money. The option was there but nothing happened when I pressed "buy stars". Only way to get stars, and in the long run, Hello Kitty herself as a follower, was to fill in forms, download and play other games, and so on. And I'm not doing that. Buy stuff for money to enhance my gaming experience - sure. Watch optional videos to get rewards - yeah why not. Hand out my e-mail and phone number and get spammed - nope.

Now, progress is slow. Very slow. I'm on 2519 out of a maximum 1600 xp (yes) and counting. I don't level up any longer. My garden isn't nutrient enough to grow all the available plants, and the next area I can buy is so expensive it'll take me months to gather that money.

Then I found The Walking Dead: No Man's Land. I'm happy again.

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