Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Walking Dead: No Man's Land - but women's!

I've been playing TWD: No Man's Land for a while now and still like it. One reason is the humungous amount of mindblastingly awesome women. Mostly because there's nothing special about them. They are as good as any other character, and they make up about half the randomized characters I get.
Sorry Daryl, my heart beats for you but in this game you're not number one.
In a world that is so white-cis-male-hetero-oriented as the world of video games, this is really refreshing. Of course, there are a whole bunch of kick-ass female characters in other videogames too, but usually they're there for a special purpose. The mass in the background tends to consist of men.

One of my first bruiser characters, the equivalent of tanks in this game, was a woman called Catherine. She had black dreads, pilot shades and body armor. Not gonna lie, I was dumbstruck with awe when she entered my team. She served me well until the quests started requiring a minimum of level 6 characters, and she was fully trained at level 5. I had to retire her. Catherine, you always have a place in my heart.
Tough luck, lock, Catherine's tougher.
Of course, out of the characters I recruit, there's a majority of white people. Or... I think most of them are. Sometimes it's hard to determine the color of their skin. Maybe it's me interpreting them as white because that's the perspective I have? Anyway, my point is that even if this game is good gender-wise, it could probably improve color-wise. Then again, what game couldn't...?

By now, I must admit that when I recruit new characters, I usually go by their looks. Do I find them attractive? No? Reject. Do they look cool? Handsome? Okay, let's check what type they are. Rare? Accept. Uncommon? Well, if they look awesome and kickass enough, they're in. Shallow, I know. But hey, it's only a video game. Right? Right.
Lip piercing? Knitted cap? Glasses? You're hired, Virginia!
This means that I currently have no male character at all. I had one that looked allright, but he reached his level cap and I retired him. Sometimes I think that maybe I should stop selecting from appearance like this. Diversity in video games and all that. But, on the other hand, it's a way of selecting without having to go into calculating extremes, where I need to make an effort in my planning.
You're cute, Phil, but cute alone  kills no walkers.

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