Friday, 25 November 2016

Pilgrim's Bounty yumyum

It's Pilgrim's Bounty and all this turkey roast and cranberry chutney and sweet potatoes makes me drool all over my keyboard and I really need to make a subsitute for it irl because GOD it sounds so tasty!

In other news, I rolled a lock. Like a true noob*. Warlocks can't wear plate. They can't use shields. They cast spells and controls pets. They don't even have a friggin' combat stance anymore wtf i cant even #"%&¤%. All in all, they are everything I never looked for in this game.

So why a lock, one might wonder? Well. Three things. Skulls. And scythes. And dark color scheme.


Not gonna lie, I am a goth/rock/emo/metal at heart, despite my horrible orientation skills in genre as well as style. Still. Skulls and scythes and black makes it worth the whole squishiness, casting time and pet directing.

I even used my Legion-boost on this toon. Now levelling mining and herbalism alongside Pilgrim's Bounty cooking, for materials and xp. Later I might make him a scribe, or jewelcrafter, or enchanter. Something that can benefit my main (the protadin) and that I don't have to use my death knight jewelcrafter/enchanter for. Because let's face it, I'd rather lol around on this toon for crafting than on my dk.

Which, to be honest, mainly has to do with that the dk is female, and even if I think it's awesome with the female badass npc's in this game (very pleased with the increased numbers in Legion expansion), I am more reluctant than ever to actually play one after coming out to the world and to myself as transgender. Eager to get rid of the incorrect body type I guess.

That said, I'm a bit bummed that the Highland Turkeys aren't lootable. I'm sure I could make a fantastic Slow-Roasted Turkey with those instead of Wild Turkeys.

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