Saturday, 26 November 2016

"Like the wind" my ASS

I bet it was Jaina who came up with the idea. She ragequit the Kirin Tor and was determined that everyone else would come to hate them too.

"How about this puzzle game that you need to do over and over and over again before you learn the timing? And that has a whole bunch of different layouts so that next time you encounter it you have completely forgot how to do it?"

And Kirin Tor be like "oh that sounds brilliant! They hack and slash all day anyway, they surely will appreciate a little mind games, don't you think?"

"Oh yes, not to mention that good old platform feels, you know, the one that made you eat your control pad as a child."

Seriously, I haven't been this frustrated with any part in any game since that graveyard wall-clinging in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. You know when you dry-cry and slam the mouse so hard against the table you're positive it's gonna cause a tsunami in the nearby lake and your lungs are about to burst because you suck in air between your clenched teeth each time you take a leap and hold your breath inbetween.

If I wanted a platform game I'd buy one, amirite.

Not to mention it sometimes BUG OUT in the south of Azsuna and send me back to Suramar where I were earlier and leave me midair, and when I fall down I DIE and have to find my corpse on those cliffs i cant even #"%&#¤!!

Today, Kirin Tor popped up as Emissary Quest. I managed one so far. Three to go.


If I never write here again, you will find me with exploded chest in front of my computer, mouse half way through the desk.

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